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  • [+] Local Government Abuse

    (Relevance: 1)

    finding and correcting local gov abuse

    Local Government Abuse
    local politicians need to be scrutinized as much as national ones
    Most of the media attention is on Federal or...

  • [+] Inequality

    (Relevance: 0.89)

    unlike ants and bees, humans are inherently unequal
    Inequality has many faces.  Unlike ants and bees, humans are inherently unequal, with different abilit...

  • [+] Government Abuse of Power

    (Relevance: 0.89)

    everyone, liberal or conservative should be concerned about abuse of power

    Government Abuse of Power
    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Lord Acton

  • [+] Police Violation of Civil Rights

    (Relevance: 0.83)

    monitoring violations of civil rights by law enforcement

    Police Violation of Civil Rights
    some police seem to be ignorant of the fact that civil right were established to limit power

  • [+] The Future of Education - Online

    (Relevance: 0.83)

    how the internet is revolutionizing education

    The Future of Education
    Promising online alternatives to the low-quality, high-cost government monopoly on education

  • [+] Bureaucratic Bullies

    (Relevance: 0.83)

    catalogue of bureaucratic abuse of power

    Bureaucratic Bullies
    a life of their own, optimized for abuse of power
    Bureaucracies and government agencies at all levels of gov...

  • [+] Income Inequality Fair or Unfair

    (Relevance: 0.78)

    whether income inequality is fair depends on how wealth is accumulated

    Income Inequality, Fair or Unfair?
    is income inequality good or bad; should it be accepted and encouraged, or suppress...

  • [+] Freedom and Prosperity Indexes

    (Relevance: 0.78)

    indexes of freedom & prosperity

    Freedom and Prosperity Indexes
    finding the greatest freedom and prosperity in the world
    There are about 170 countries in the world, some free a...

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