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We have to work together or we will all fall separately before the dominant elite


a Warm Safe Room, a Magnet & Spotlight, and a Garden …!

LibertyLion is a place for those on both the right and left to gather and discuss the best liberty oriented information available, including important news, lessons from history and thoughtful analyses of the problems we face and their potential solutions.  It is a place where we can work together to roll back the power of the elite, because the real problem is actually “We the People” vs. the powerful Elite, not the “right vs. the left”.

We the People vs. the Elite

the real battle

An avalanche of managed information and misinformation is burying normal people, distracting them from the real problems by engaging them in an ideological war between right and left, while the elite on both sides vie for control of the coercive power of government to force the people into supporting their self-serving ends.  Ordinary people are paying the price with lost opportunity, lost freedom and lost wealth.  It is time for us to change the debate, find common ground, and work together to curtail the abuses of the corrupt business, financial, and political elite in both political parties

Working Together to Find Solutions

in a warm safe room

Freedom-lovers on both the right and left need to come to a place where they can share their best ideas and seek common ground without being drowned out by those who stir up fear and hatred of “opposing viewpoints.”  Most people actually agree on the problems, even if they don’t agree on the solutions.  For example, try to figure out whether the following statements came from those on the right or left; then follow the link and see if you’re right:

“… the more businesses invest in influence instead of innovation, … the interests of the elite diverge from those of the nation. … The American people are forced to work for big businesses instead of the other way around…. a warped economy. … Record corporate profits and jaw-dropping gains among elites, but slow growth, stagnant wages, and limited opportunities for everyone else.” source

“When big US financial institutions look for investment opportunities elsewhere in the world, they don’t go alone. … US banks can look to a helping hand from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), … government bureaucracies rarely go out of business, even if the reason for their existence has disappeared. … the IMF found itself a new purpose … It became an international debt collector.” source (pg 63)

Crony Capitalism is resulting in "... corruption of the public and private sectors which touches nearly every aspect of law and regulation, serving to enrich the well-connected and immunize them from the consequences of their actions." source

The polarization of right and left is a myth that has been promoted and sustained by this elite, who use it to put blinders on the people.  The people need to shed these ideological blinders.  Both sides need to explore the best proposals and work together to find solutions that are likely to work based on the lessons of history, instead of ignoring reality and supporting unproven (or even harmful) ideological experiments.  LibertyLion provides a safe place where both sides can share and discuss their ideas

Fixing the Information Avalanche

with a magnet and a spotlight

With over one billion websites and over 14 trillion web pages, we need a giant magnet to find the sharpest “information needles” in that huge haystack - or much of the best information will never be found.  All the best books and webpages also need a bright spotlight to make them stand out. 

Similar to the way Wikipedia harnesses the efforts and intelligence of many people to create its encyclopedia, LibertyLion will act like a giant “information magnet” by channeling the power and knowledge of its members to create a knowledge base of liberty that will become the place to keep current on the most important issues we face.  But unlike Wikipedia, which seeks to present the final answer on a subject, LibertyLion will focus on gathering, filtering, and summarizing existing resources while shining a spotlight on the best sources where more complete information and analysis can be found.  The result will be an organized, searchable clearinghouse or database of liberty that will make finding the particular “needle” you want much easier.

Planting a Liberty Garden

so we can all harvest greater freedom

LibertyLion is just getting started and needs your help.  It’s like a vast new garden that needs grassroots seeding to come alive, so we can all harvest the fruit – regardless of political party or affiliation.  Instead of just sending links for the most important news and best articles to your closest friends, why not share them in an organized way with millions of others who would also love to learn?  In LibertyLion you can share the best links, participate in forum discussions, contribute to wiki pages, write your own blog, create your own personal archive, interact with like-minded people socially, and form working groups to address specific problems and promote worthwhile causes. 

Something YOU can DO!

to help make the world a better place

Are you open to listening to those who think differently and seeking solutions through civil exchange instead of anger and personal attacks?  LibertyLion wants thinking people from both the left and right – with or without formal education or experience – to share what they see and know in a respectful  discussion that fosters real workable solutions instead of predetermined agendas.

This is something anyone with a computer can do, and it will make your story/ideas/wisdom live forever by being archived and shared.  If you’ve thought there is nothing you can do, stop feeling helpless or depressed and come help grow the liberty garden so we can all harvest a better world. 

We have to work together or we will all fall separately before the dominant elite.


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