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Welcome to LibertyLion® University

We hope you will enjoy working with the tools that have been created and will be able to use your imagination to see what this site can become, not what it is now, a wobbly cub trying to learn to walk. With your help it will become a roaring lion fighting for freedom.

It is critical that we develop, with your help, inspiring educational content that will enable new users to easily discover what is important and timely, see its value, develop new hope and become excited about learning and working together to solve problems.

Filling LibertyLion® University with quality material is critical. If you went to Wikipedia in its infancy and found only 100 articles you wouldn’t think it was very useful. But now you can see its value easily. It is the same with LibertyLion. Its organizational capabilities will only become apparent when there is a lot of information that needs to be sorted through so people can explore subjects to the depth they desire. Your help filling it up is greatly appreciated.

Creating Content in LibertyLion®

To create or edit content you must have be a “Member” so with editing privileges that allow you to create and edit wiki pages and publish your own blog. If you want to be elevated to Member status to contribute content, send an email to BornFree@LibertyLion.com and request to become a “Member” with editing privileges.
Then go to Creating Content to learn how to create and edit wiki pages and blogs and review our Help Guide for more information about what LibertyLion® University is and how it works.


We hope you will see the vision of what the LibertyLion® knowledge base can become. It is in its infancy, and there are many planned upgrades that will increase its relational power, including an electronic personal research assistant that will find all the things you are interested in and present them to you on your own personal home page. But that’s in the future. In the meantime, thank you for getting involved and helping build a resource that will help educate people so they will choose freedom over equality.


As you explore the site, please note what you see that helps and what you don’t see that you think would make it easier to understand. Use the Feedback button in the main menu to tell us what you think we need to do to fulfill our mission.

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