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  • Trump blasts Republican senators over Charlottesville criticism    (2017-08-17)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Donald Trump on Thursday fired back at a growing number of fellow Republicans who denounced his response to the Charlottesville, Virginia violence, further fueling the latest controversy to engulf his seven-month-old presidency.
  • Trump blasts Republican senator on 'moral equivalency' after Virginia attack    (2017-08-17)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Donald Trump on Thursday fired back at a critic in his own party who had denounced the president's response to the Charlottesville, Virginia, attack, saying he had not drawn a "moral equivalency" between white hate groups and counter-protesters.
  • Wisconsin lawmakers debate billions in incentives for Foxconn plant    (2017-08-17)
    (Reuters) - The Wisconsin State Assembly on Thursday will consider a $3 billion incentive package for a proposed liquid-crystal display factory by Taiwan's Foxconn, the first vote on the deal by a chamber of the state's Republican-controlled legislature.
  • Apple's Cook says he disagrees with Trump, vows donations to rights groups    (2017-08-17)
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc (AAPL.O) CEO Tim Cook has joined a chorus of business leaders who have voiced their opposition to President Donald Trump after he blamed white nationalists and anti-racism activists equally for violence in Virginia over the weekend.
  • Trump adviser Bannon says U.S. in economic war with China-media    (2017-08-16)
    (Reuters) - The United States is in an economic war with China, U.S President Donald Trump's chief political strategist has said, warning Washington is losing the fight but is about to hit China hard over unfair trade practices.
  • Trump's crisis spurs talk of White House departures    (2017-08-16)
    NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump’s turnabout on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has rocked his administration, leading to rising speculation that some top officials may be looking for a way out.
  • House panel to hold hearing on white supremacist threat    (2017-08-16)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House Homeland Security Committee will hold a hearing next month about threats from extremist groups, including domestic terrorism, following a violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend.
  • U.S. ends program for Central American minors fleeing violence    (2017-08-16)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security terminated a program on Wednesday that allowed minors fleeing violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to settle in the United States, ending travel hopes for more than 2,700 children awaiting approval.
  • Sessions slams Chicago sanctuary policies    (2017-08-16)
    (Reuters) - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday strongly criticized the city of Chicago's political leadership, citing its so-called sanctuary policies as an example of the breakdown of law and order in the country.
  • Trump's Virginia remarks frustrate Republicans' tax push    (2017-08-16)
    SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (Reuters) - U.S. congressional Republican leaders were set to promote their tax reform goals at a special gathering in California on Wednesday, but their plans were overshadowed by growing furor over President Donald Trump's controversial statements on Virginia protests that turned deadly.
  • Trump will make August cost-sharing payments to health insurers    (2017-08-16)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration will make cost-sharing payments to insurance companies under Obamacare for the month of August, a White House spokesman said on Wednesday.
  • Surveys contradict Trump claim that Comey had lost FBI confidence    (2017-08-16)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Annual employee surveys released by the FBI on Wednesday show former Director James Comey was highly regarded, contradicting President Donald Trump's claim when he fired Comey this year that he had lost the confidence of the agency's workers.
  • Trump says ending two CEO advisory panels: tweet    (2017-08-16)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump dismantled two CEO advisory panels on Wednesday as a growing number of chief executives announced their resignations following his response to a weekend of violence in Virginia that stoked racial tensions nationwide.
  • U.S. court rules Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood funding    (2017-08-16)
    (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday reversed a ruling that prevented Arkansas from cutting off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood following the release of controversial videos secretly recorded by an anti-abortion group.
  • 3M CEO Inge Thulin resigns from Trump's manufacturing council    (2017-08-16)
    (Reuters) - 3M Co said on Wednesday Chief Executive Inge Thulin had resigned from President Donald Trump's Manufacturing Advisory Council.
  • Republican senator Graham says Trump's race remarks dividing U.S.    (2017-08-16)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham on Wednesday called out fellow Republican President Donald Trump, saying his remarks in the wake of last weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, were dividing the nation and at odds with many Republicans' views.
  • White House names Hicks interim communications director    (2017-08-16)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Longtime Trump communications aide Hope Hicks has been named as interim communications director, the White House said on Wednesday, in the latest personnel move for President Donald Trump as he continues to seek someone for the job.
  • McConnell says all need to stand against hate and violence    (2017-08-16)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday "messages of hate and bigotry" from white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups should not be welcome anywhere in the United States.
  • Snubbed Federal Reserve nominee a warning as Trump struggles to fill key posts    (2017-08-16)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Allan Landon prepared for his job at the Federal Reserve for two-and-a-half years during the Obama administration before his nomination sank into the partisan quicksand of Washington D.C., a swamp which has only deepened under President Donald Trump, leaving more vacancies than ever at the top of the U.S. federal government.
  • As NAFTA talks begin, Trump's 'America First' agenda looms large    (2017-08-15)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As the United States, Canada and Mexico kick off negotiations on Wednesday to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement, the biggest uncertainty is whether a deal can pass President Donald Trump's "America First" test.
  • White House braces for fallout from Trump remarks on Virginia violence    (2017-08-15)
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Donald Trump no doubt pleased part of his political base on Tuesday by passionately arguing that both right- and left-wing extremists were responsible for violence at a white supremacist rally in Virginia on Saturday.
  • Texas 'bathroom bill' dies in special legislative session    (2017-08-15)
    AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas measures to restrict access for transgender people to bathrooms in schools and public buildings appear to have died on Tuesday as the House adjourned and ended its special legislative session.
  • Banish Bannon? Trump weighs his options as top aides feud    (2017-08-15)
    WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - For months, U.S. President Donald Trump's national security adviser and his chief strategist have battled for influence behind the scenes, and their feud may force another shake-up at the White House.
  • U.S. court strikes down two Republican-drawn Texas congressional districts    (2017-08-15)
    AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A U.S. court struck down two Republican-drawn U.S. congressional districts in Texas on Tuesday, calling them discriminatory and ordering a remedy ahead of elections in 2018, court papers showed.
  • Texas governor signs bill to limit insurance coverage for abortions    (2017-08-15)
    AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - The Republican governor of Texas signed into law on Tuesday a measure that will restrict insurance coverage for abortions, compelling women to buy a supplemental plan if they want coverage for the procedure.
  • Trump to revoke Obama-era flood risk building standards    (2017-08-15)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump will revoke an Obama-era executive order on Tuesday that required strict building standards for government-funded projects to reduce exposure to increased flooding from sea level rise, sources said.
  • House Ways and Means chairman: Tax reform on track for this year - CNBC    (2017-08-15)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday said Republicans were on track to pass tax reform this year and, unlike with healthcare, were united around a common plan even as the details are still being hammered out.
  • Trump's popularity faces test in Alabama's Senate race    (2017-08-15)
    (Reuters) - Voters in Alabama head to the polls on Tuesday to choose Republican and Democratic nominees for a U.S. Senate seat, in a race that has been dominated by debate over President Donald Trump.
  • Trump faces business backlash over handling of Charlottesville upheaval    (2017-08-15)
    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va./WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump, facing a mounting political furor and backlash from business leaders, has explicitly condemned neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists two days after a rally by hate groups in Virginia turned deadly.
  • China says it will defend interests if U.S. harms trade ties    (2017-08-14)
    BEIJING (Reuters) - China will take action to defend its interests if the United States damages trade ties, the Ministry of Commerce said on Tuesday, after U.S. President Donald Trump authorized an inquiry into China's alleged theft of intellectual property.
  • U.S. auto safety advocacy group names Obama-era official to top post    (2017-08-14)
    (Reuters) - U.S. auto safety advocacy group Center for Auto Safety has appointed an official with a track record in federal government consumer protection agencies as its new executive director, the industry body said on Tuesday.
  • Trump to sign executive order Tuesday on infrastructure projects    (2017-08-14)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on Tuesday "establishing discipline and accountability in the environmental review and permitting process for infrastructure projects," the White House said on Monday.
  • Trump's probe on China intellectual property theft could spur change    (2017-08-14)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump returned to Washington on Monday to authorize an inquiry into China's alleged theft of intellectual property, a step that analysts say is aimed at pressuring Beijing into a negotiated settlement to revise its practices.
  • Sierra Club sues U.S. Energy Department over power grid study    (2017-08-14)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Environmental group the Sierra Club sued the U.S. Energy Department on Monday in hopes of forcing it to reveal the groups it has consulted in conducting an eagerly awaited study on the electricity grid.
  • California plans to sue Trump administration over sanctuary policy    (2017-08-14)
    (Reuters) - California plans to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice over federal restrictions on some law enforcement grants to so-called sanctuary cities, a spokesperson for the California's attorney general office said on Monday.
  • Merck CEO resigns from Trump's manufacturing council    (2017-08-14)
    (Reuters) - Merck & Co Inc said its chief executive, Kenneth Frasier, was resigning from U.S. President Donald Trump's American Manufacturing Council, following the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • Texas 'bathroom' bills stalled in special legislative session    (2017-08-14)
    AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Texas measures to restrict access for transgender people to bathrooms in schools and public buildings appear doomed this week after hundreds of businesses stood in opposition and moderate Republican powerbrokers blocked the bills.
  • U.S. tax change proposals anger builders, realtors, charities    (2017-08-14)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With U.S. Congress members focused during their August recess on finding ways to lower the corporate tax rate, industry groups and other sectors of society are gearing up to fight proposed changes to the personal income tax.
  • Trump's NAFTA autos goals to collide with industry as talks start    (2017-08-13)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration has set a collision course with the auto industry as it launches renegotiations of the 23-year-old NAFTA trade pact this week, aiming to shrink a growing trade deficit with Mexico and tighten the rules of origin for cars and parts.
  • With budget cuts looming, U.S. aid chief vows to do more with less    (2017-08-13)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Facing potentially deep budget cuts to U.S. foreign aid, new USAID administrator Mark Green says he needs to do more with less and prove to President Donald Trump that development assistance can further his "America First" agenda.
  • President Trump's reelection campaign releases television ad    (2017-08-13)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's reelection campaign released its first television advertisement on Sunday, a 30-second spot that attacks Democrats and touts the accomplishments of his first seven months in office.
  • President Trump's reelection campaign releases television ad    (2017-08-13)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's reelection campaign released its first television advertisement on Sunday, a 30-second spot that attacks Democrats and touts the accomplishments of his first seven months in office.
  • In Alabama's Senate race, contenders fight over who is Trump's biggest fan    (2017-08-13)
    (Reuters) - At first glance, U.S. Representative Mo Brooks seems exactly the kind of candidate President Donald Trump would love to see win Tuesday's Republican primary election for Alabama's open U.S. Senate seat.
  • Charlottesville violence tests Trump's presidential mettle    (2017-08-12)
    BEDMINSTER, N.J. (Reuters) - For President Donald Trump, this was the week when the real world began to intrude upon his presidency.
  • Russia probe counsel wants to interview senior White House officials: NYT    (2017-08-12)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The special counsel investigating whether Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election and possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign wants to speak with current and former senior White House officials, the New York Times reported on Saturday.
  • In call with Trump, China's Xi urges restraint over North Korea    (2017-08-12)
    BEDMINSTER, N.J./BEIJING (Reuters) - China's President Xi Jinping said there needs to be a peaceful resolution to the North Korean nuclear issue, and in a telephone call with U.S. President Donald Trump he urged all sides to avoid words or action that raise tensions.
  • Chicago teachers union eyes future security with charter merger    (2017-08-12)
    CHICAGO (Reuters) - After trying for years to stymie the growth of charter schools in Chicago, leaders of its public school teachers' union are seeking to enlist staff from charter schools in a bid to strengthen the union’s bargaining power and tap a new source of members’ fees.
  • U.S. judge orders Illinois to boost disabled care    (2017-08-11)
    CHICAGO (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Friday ruled that Illinois is not providing sufficient resources for the care of developmentally disabled residents and ordered the state to come up with a plan to restore services.
  • Pentagon's empty posts cause uncertainty for defense contractors    (2017-08-11)
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's failure to fill dozens of senior-level positions at the Pentagon is making it difficult for defense contractors to forecast business.
  • Chicago schools budget counts on uncertain funding    (2017-08-11)
    CHICAGO (Reuters) - A fiscal 2018 budget unveiled on Friday by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) depends on nearly $570 million in new money from the state and city that may not materialize or has not been identified.


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