The University

Liberty is a Learned State that can be Forgotten   LIBERTY LION UNIVERSITY is a place where people can share what they know, stay abreast of current events, and learn about opportunities to make a difference.  It includes a highly organized Wikipedia-like Knowledgebase of Liberty that taps the collective intelligence and understanding of myriads of liberty supporters by acting as a clearing house that combines, highlights, and amplifies all the liberty-promoting information and activities flourishing around the country, keeping Liberty lovers informed and involved.

Leading People to Freedom

The human spirit rebels against force, whether physical or mental.  One cannot teach intelligent people, particularly in the area of political ideas, by dogmatic rhetoric. If people are to be won over to the value and critical importance of the principles of liberty for freedom and prosperity, they must be allowed to draw their own conclusions from objective, undistorted facts.  To this end, LibertyLion®, has been designed to help those who understand liberty’s importance present the basis for that understanding in ways that help others think logically and come to their own conclusions about whether they want to live in a system that respects the individual or one that sacrifices the individual to the proclaimed “public interest” and “common good.” 


Liberty Lion University provides public access to its educational content gathered from the world and created by its members, including:

  • Wiki Pages – cooperatively created articles, including special teaching methods that help people figure things out for themselves (the best way to learn)
  • Blogs – personal observations of those who want to share their ideas
  • Forums – a place to ask questions and get help understanding freedom
  • Syndicated Feeds – collected RSS feeds from both sides of the political spectrum to help keep up with what the best minds are saying
  • Sharing of Videos, Websites, Quotations, and RSS Feeds – organized and searchable
  • User Generated Resources including: PeopleBase, OrgBase and a Liberty Lexicon
  • Personal Archive, Profile Pages and Messaging


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